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Students from Basingstoke College of Technology talking about what they will be doing differently following a 'Learning for the Future' workshop.


What clients and people we work with say about us

I have participated in a meeting in the UK that was facilitated by Andrea Gewessler from Change That Matters Ltd. It was a global network meeting with participants coming from diverse cultural, work experience, and professional backgrounds. One of my greatest fears at the start of the three-day meeting was that the desired objectives and outcomes will not be achieved because of the large number of participants and the heterogeneous nature of the group. But with excellent facilitation from Andrea - comprising of a triangulation of different but effective facilitation methods and skills, good timing of sessions, having the key deliverables in focus, while at the same time ensuring the participants expectations are managed and achieved, the meeting ended with the objectives and outcomes attained.
Augustine Allieu, Country Director, Plan Sierra Leone

Andrea facilitated a two day session with a five country team, she is excellent at steering towards actions, creating a safe and respectful environment and has a huge knowledge to draw upon. With thanks.
Peter Bryson, Strategic Manager for FAST, Save the Children

Andrea is a highly-skilled consultant, coach and facilitator, who has worked for me as a consultant/facilitator and critical friend on a number of projects relating to education for sustainability, working directly with leaders and practitioners in the FE and skills sector, both on a one-to-one basis and with teams. Andrea has an extensive and confident understanding of a number of effective facilitation and coaching techniques, which she readily adapts and applies to the task at hand. Practitioners at all levels of management whom she has supported regularly comment on the quality of the coaching and facilitation support she provides, identifying it as one of the highlights of their experience. At the same time Andrea is highly insightful and analytical with a strong attention to detail, and is not afraid to ask the difficult questions that are often the most important to ensuring clarity, understanding and success. All in all, Andrea is a highly outcomes-focused, astute and versatile consultant/facilitator.
Conrad Benefield, Strategic policy and programme leader specialising in CSR, sustainable development, leadership and talent management

Bromley College of Further and Higher Education recently used Change that Matters to assist the college with bringing together two sets of staff from two different colleges in advance of our merger. We gave them a brief to help us to work on identifying common issues and a platform on which we could build a shared vision and set of values statements for the new college moving forward. At all times during the preparation , planning and delivery stages they were professional, meticulously attentive to detail and innovative in their approach to working with us.

The workshop they delivered was a great success and achieved so much more than we had expected in terms of both inputs and output from the day. we were thrilled with the graphic recording of the day and we use this graphic representation of the outcomes of our day in meetings with staff governors and students.The report and evaluation that was produced following on from the interventions and support we received from Andrea has been extremely useful to us as we move forward as a merged college.

Sam Parrett, Principal, Bromley College of Further and Higher Education

First class support to Colchester Institute in furthering the corporate vision for sustainability and underlying principles. Andrea facilitated very thought provoking sessions for the Senior Management Team enabling development of ideas and strategies to take forward. Highly recommended.
Gary Horne, Director of Finance and Operations, Colchester Institute

I happily expected the 'Educating for the Future' workshop to provide a sector specific 'refresher' on the principles of Education for Sustainable Development and some relevant examples on how to communicate the disciplinary and interdisciplinary context of SD to academic colleagues. What it actually provided was beyond the simple 'revision' class I was expecting. Andrea and Kirsti skilfully facilitated an interactive workshop that was as challenging as it was reassuring. Their knowledge and shared vision of what the learning and skills sector is capable of achieving is inspiring, but was communicated carefully and with reflection so it does not seem insurmountable . With this in mind, this course would be perfect for anyone, not just SD practitioners or keen academics, but also those who consider themselves SD novices, or indeed sceptics. I really enjoyed this course and left home deep in thought. I believe that the benefits of attending this courses will continue to pay in dividends for many years to come. Thank you so much Andrea and Kirsti!
Georgiana Weatherill, Sustainability Manager, Leeds City College

Andreaʼs precision and eye for detail when managing large group facilitation is extremely impressive; she is also able to keep her eye on the big picture so that the overall purpose is always kept in focus whilst remaining responsive to individual requirements within the large group. Andrea has a wealth of strategies that she can draw upon to promote enjoyable and deep learning, maintaining participantsʼ focus, attention and commitment. Her strategies are chosen based not only on the explicit learning outcomes required but also on appropriate tacit learning requirements associated with values driven approaches.
Sue Crowley, Chair of the Advisory Council, Institute for Learning

The Viennese Adult Education Service have introduced a new system for qualifying their trainers that consists of teaching reflection, coaching and a varied workshop and course offer. With Andrea's support, who accompanied this transformation from the start, we have developed an exciting and innovative process which ultimately affects the entire curriculum design of the service.
Andrea's support has ranged from advice on the process and content, to training the observers and to the facilitation of World Cafe and Open Space events. She has demonstrated her special ability to deal with complex processes and divergent views sympathetically yet remain goal-and results-oriented. On the other hand, Andrea has been motivating us to hone and sharpen our thinking about teaching and learning so that we have started to view it in new and much more varied ways. Her knowledge and expertise and her long-term socio-political vision have been invaluable. We have been able to improve our quality as well as refocused on innovative practice. Without Andrea, this success would not have been possible.
Elisabeth Brugger, Director of Teaching and Learning, Wiener Volkshochschulen

Andrea has the ability to develop a sense of team working within a group of people with different roles and responsibilities from a range of organisations, within a short space of time. She gives people confidence to make decisions about a new process, gives advice without suggesting too many of her own views, accepting that some mistakes would be made along the way. Empowerment sums this up but is rather an overused word. I liked that she was also comfortable in discussing "emotional" reactions and feelings appropriately. She really acknowledged that everyoneʼs contribution was valuable. The session was had a real sense of direction and purpose, keeping within a time frame and yet you encourages ideas to "unfold"
Service Vice-Principal