Case studies

Facilitation of a 2-day team away-day meeting

We recently facilitated a team of about 25 practitioners working across the four nations as part of a national charity for their annual away-day meeting helping them to build team spirit while supporting them to find practical solutions to real problems they had been facing. We used a range of tools which partly focused on team solutions and partly on individual professional development.

Pre-merger strategy day

We worked with the senior and middle management teams of two colleges who were in the middle of a merger negotiation. We supported them in building good working relationships and start developing a shared vision and shared value statements.

Senior management strategy development

We facilitated a senior management team to support them in developing a strategy for the next three years based on a SWOT analysis produced by another critical friend team. We facilitated a review of the results of the SWOT and assessed the buy-in of the senior team in the external assessment. We supported the team in prioritising the findings and led them through a number of visioning activities and helped them develop next steps action plans.

Sustainability consultancy in post-16

I have been working as a sustainable development associate with the Learning and Skills Improvement Service supporting providers in the Further Education, Work-based Learning and Adult and Community Learning sectors with a range of programmes such as Cut the Carbon, Stepping up in Sustainability (SUS) and the Reaching Forward Index (RFI). We have supported about 9 different SUS projects , have run workshops on Systems Thinking, piloted the the RFI, a sustainable development selfassessment tool, with three organisations and has written a report on "Embedding sustainability into teaching, learning and the curriculum" with Kirsti Norris from Action for Sustainability.

Writer on sustainability topics

Since September 2011 I have been writing a column for FE News, an online platform for the post-16 education sector and she has made a contribution to SD Scene, the bi-monthly sustainability newsletter of Defra.

Leadership for sustainability

We have been working with the senior management team of a number of colleges and adult education services to support them through a range of activities to develop their own leadership competences and strategies in the context of working towards sustainability.

Interim Deputy Director of Workforce Development

When I joined the National Academy for Parenting Practitioners (NAPP) in 2008 the organisation had been in existence for a year but was about 6 months behind with its work in order to achieve its stretching targets of delivering evidence-based parenting programmes and developing a new parenting qualification to the parenting sector. I put in place a delivery timetable, was key in the commissioning team, commissioned providers and programmes to meet targets set by government but also to meet the demand of practitioners in the field and to stay within the given budget of £3.9 Million. This involved close collaboration with colleagues at the Academy as well as building good relationships with the programmes we commissioned. I also implemented quality procedures, designed the contract monitoring process which I managed until the appointment of the Head of Training Delivery, was part of recruiting key personnel and increasing staff participation. I was instrumental in planning delivery in line with targets and budget, recruiting staff, facilitating the setting up of systems, commissioning programmes, liaising with stakeholders, monitoring performance and supporting staff. On transfer of NAPP's activity to the Children's and Workforce Development it had exceeded performance within budget.

Team building with music as an interval to developing strategic thinking

We facilitated a strategic thinking day for a team in a local authority who wanted to look forward to their priorities over the coming two years. They engaged in SWOTs, heard external and internal stakeholder views, created linkages between current and potential activities and prioritised their goals. To stay fresh and to overcome the post-lunch dip one of our associates engaged them into a half-hour team development activity using rhythm and singing. The team could draw learning from the process that directly fed into the strategy development.