Facilitating conversations that matter

We facilitate a wide range of conversations no matter whether their main goal is

  • Networking and building partnerships
  • Strategic thinking
  • Team development and building
  • Creative problem solving

We have developed a highly effective mixture of attending to process and outcomes and offer a high return on expectation(s). We work with a wide range of tools, a selection of which you can explore in our tools section of this website. We work with small, large and very large groups and support clients with the toughest problems that they have on their tables right now.

Every meeting matters

Imagine being able to cut down on meetings and those that you do have energise staff, solve long-standing issues, lead to organisational learning and innovation.  At the moment the average employee spends about 16 hours and the average public sector worker about 22 hours a week, in meetings, of which at least a quarter is considered a waste of time. Imagine cutting down the number of hours spent in meeting through use of technology and better planning and on top of that make the meetings that you do have highly productive through the use of processes that get results. The impact on cost savings but also on staff morale is phenomenal. We provide you with the skills. Address the elephant in the room

Meeting elephant


Resilience thinking

Forward-looking organisations know that not looking at sustainability now will mean their sure demise in the not too distant future. The ability to adapt and develop resilience while developing sustainable products and services, creating sustainable supply chains, providing values-based customer service, engaging employees and the wider community as well as ethical investment requires

  • leadership development
  • new approaches to strategic thinking and planning
  • embracing complexity
  • inclusive problem-solving and solution finding approaches

We can work with you to build resilience in the face of climate change, resource scarcity and a range of social issues. One of the tools we use for helping you to assess how future-ready you are is the Economy for the Common Good Framework.

Employee engagement

Employee engagement AG 3

Employee engagement is key to business success. That's why we support organisations with taking engagement to the next level. While we recognize the place of employee surveys, we also know that if you want to achieve an engagement culture, you need to go well beyond the annual survey. We work with a range of tools and are the first organisation in the UK to provide Employee Wisdom and Creative Insight Councils.  

  • Increase staff involvement in solution finding, innovation and implementation
  • Get outstanding results for your clients
  • Energise employees
  • Increase retention
  • Attract talent
  • Improve wellbeing
  • Build a learning organisation