About us

Andrea Gewessler

I am a highly experienced facilitator, critical friend, consultant and coach. Since I created Change that Matters Ltd, formerly ag-consulting and associates ltd, in 2005, I have been working with many different organisations on a vast range of projects. My work encompasses providing support with organisations' sustainability journeys, facilitating a range of change activities, providing leadership and team development as well as continuing to provide quality improvement support. I also write on sustainability and other issues for FE News.

Prior to running my own business I was Head of Service at Reading Adult and Community College and had previously held other senior and middle management positions in post-16.

I have an MA in Education (Adults) and have trained in a wide range of facilitation processes. Currently I am working towards becoming an approved consultant to support organisations with working towards becoming Economy for the Common Good organisations.

What excites me about the work I do

The one constant in live is change. Change happens and sometimes we want to create active change. I am interested in creating change that actually matters because it improves outcomes for people. Our sustainability work is also all about people because without a healthy environment and functioning ecosystems people cannot flourish. And if we want change, we need learning. There is no transformational change without learning and that is why learning is key whether for people individually, for teams in organisations, communities, regions and countries. I am excited about facilitating this learning and this encompasses knowledge in how learning happens, how people tick and how systems can be enabled to change.

How we work

Change that Matters Ltd has always worked with a small number of associates when and where appropriate to get the best possible outcomes for our clients. during 2013 we have decided to work more closely and collaboratively with colleagues who have very similar interests and goals and in some instances complement our own strengths.

Due to the work we do we strongly believe that collaboration and mutual support, democracy as well as ethical business practices matter. We want to live these values through our own practice.

Here are some of the people we choose to work collaboratively with:

  • Kirsti Norris from Action for Sustainability
  • Andy Paice from Natural Insights Coaching